Alpha3 Capital (ATC): A new era of capital, investments, farms and freedom

The Alpha3 protocol stands out from other DeFi 3.0 solutions by its investing strategy which includes security auditing and hold-to-know about investments prior to allocations from the treasury. By holding ATC, you earn reflections and a future share of profits from the farming investment portfolio and AlphaNodes. Alpha3 presents a new way of protecting investors from high risk trading.

As a DeFi investor, the jungle seems harder and harder to navigate through. The vast amount of rugpulls, honeypots and other scams makes it difficult for investors to find the actualy gems without extensive risk. Furthermore, the industry is still in its infancy which means that frauds are lurking around every corner of the crypto space. Alpha3 makes it easy for anyone to invest in safe, high-yield opportunities by doing the druggery in terms of security auditing, bridging, farming and investing into projects and protocols before they go mainstream.

About Alpha3 Capital

Alpha3 is the newest member of the DeFi 3.0 family. In simple terms, you buy on Binance Smart Chain, we farm on multiple chains and return the harvests to $ATC holders. All opportunities are audited internally as a part of the due diligence process, which also includes examining tokenomics, LP setup, staking and yield opportunities and (a lot) more. Alpha3 analyzes each project’s growth potential from both a financial and technical point of view, and ensures the optimal balance between risk and reward through investments in both Layer 1 and Layer 2 ventures. By holding ATC, the user earns both reflections from buys/sells and a future share of profits from the Alpha3 investment portfolio.

Our scripts allow Alpha3 to discover opportunities on multiple blockchains, often months before the average investor even knows the project exists. Since most projects are not discovered before heavy marketing takes place, being early in these projects often result in substantial profits — especially when paired with vigorous security auditing before any investments or staking takes place. This is our differentiator, this is Alpha3.

We invest based on metrics such as contract security, pair liquidity, team size, long-term growth potential, product to market-fit, in relation to economical and societal macro trends, among other factors. The list of potential projects is updated multiple times per day and, in large part, provided by our scouting scripts that constantly screen the market for opportunities on multiple chains. We also challenge projects to send their whitepaper, as well as smart contracts to be considered for a potential investment.

We are currently focused on the following protocols:

  • Polygon
  • Fantom
  • Avalanche
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Cronos Chain


A 16% tax is charged on every buy and sell

Tax on Buys:

  • Treasury 8%
  • Reflection 6%
  • Marketing 2%

Tax on Sells:

  • Treasury 8%
  • Marketing 4%
  • Liquidity 4%

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Alpha3 Capital

Alpha3 Capital

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