The Alpha3 Dashboard is here (v0.1 beta)

Alpha3 Capital
3 min readApr 1, 2022


Alpha3 Capital is a new type of blockchain fund that offers innovative DeFi 3.0 products, such as farming as a service (FaaS), investing as a service, NFTs with multiple income streams and daily claims with more in the pipeline. In simple terms, you buy $ATC on Binance Smart Chain, we farm and invest on multiple chains and return the profits to $ATC holders. We just deployed our beta (version 0.1) DeFi dashboard. Link:

Dashboard features

The dashboard is work in progress (v0.1 beta)

There are thousands of dashboards but this one is yours. Connect your wallet to see your ATC position and its value in USD, as well as your reflections in both ATC and USD.

The ATC token metrics component shows an overview of the current market cap, price and pair liquidity with more data points being added in future updates.

The balances of the treasury and marketing wallets are displayed as well. More modules, i.e. for displaying farming allocations, historical balances and more is being added in coming months. We want every move made by the fund to be transparent and verifiable on-chain.

You’ll also notice a buybacks overview. The treasury will spend a % of funds to buy back $ATH at market price. Some of these tokens will be burned, removing them from circulation, while some will be added to the liquidity pool. This mechanism supports the growth and stability of ATC, and the token becomes more attractive to investors. Put simply, buyback incentivizes long-term growth, and investors are motivated to HODL the token, which helps in strengthening the price stability. The buyback ledger will provide full transparency straight from the dashboard.

Next steps

What to expect this quarter

FaaS (Farming as a Service)

We are already monitoring the best farming opportunities on multiple chains hereunder Cronos Chain, BSC and Fantom, and will be making the first farming allocations in the coming months.

Investing as a service (and “HODL to know”)

We will soon be accepting funding requests from projects. We are currently reaching out to a wide range of seed funds, venture capitalists and verified whales to partner up with, thereby providing the investment arm of Alpha3 Capital with additional funding sources for the projects that make the cut. Holders of more than 10 000 000 ATC will be notified 24 hours before any allocation from the Treasury (and/or one or more external investment sources).


We are developing a fast, cross-chain bridge with 0 fees that will be compatible with the chains we farm/invest on (this is in early development)

Current investments

Our current investments are internal, with $12,000 marked for development over the course of 2 months. These funds are already being used to fund the development of AlphaNodes in collaboration with a US based development agency that has the experience needed to create a product that truly stands out. AlphaNodes will be mintable soon and be available in 3 different tiers with 3 different fixed yield structures; yield will be claimable every 24h. Initially in ATC, but rewards in stable coins (and other tokens) is to be expected.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this short update! Have a great weekend!

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